Tectra GmbH delivers a broad variety of in-house developed instruments and standard vacuum components of renown suppliers. A short overview is given below.

Click here or on the logo above to go to the Tectra website. Scientec acts as Tectra’s agent for the Benelux. Inquiries are welcome. Coming exposition:

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Tectra’s products can be divided in two main categories:


· E-beam evaporators
· Plasma sources (ions, atoms and hybrid)
· Atomic Hydrogen sources
· Effusion cells

Vacuum Components:

· Huntington mech. feedthroughs
· MPF electrical feedthroughs (sub-D, coax, HV etc)
· AML UHV stepper motors
· Bake out tents and heater fan
· Ceramic screws, beads and washers
· Quartz microbalance
· Advanced Ceramic Boralectric heaters
· El-Mul Microchannel plates
· And much more.....

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